Are you someone that experiences writer’s block from time to time?

There are more than 31 million active bloggers in the United States that post at least once a month. Despite the popularity of blogging, writers on the internet are not immune to having writer’s block sometimes.

Read on to learn more about how to get rid of writer’s block once and for all!

Do Something Else That’s Creative

To overcome the writer’s block you experience, consider doing something else that’s creative for a short time.

For example, if you sit down to begin writing and find that you are struggling to put meaningful words on paper, look towards other creative outlets to give yourself a break.

Choosing to do activities like paint, sing or scrapbook can help you begin generating the creative juices that you’d had trouble kickstarting earlier in the day at your computer or notebook.

Write in the Morning

You can avoid having writer’s block by choosing to write in the morning instead of the afternoon or late evening.

One of the ways this is possible is because your theta brain waves are most active just before you fall asleep and shortly after you wake up. You may be asking, ‘What are theta brain waves?’

These are brain waves that are measured at 4 to 7 Hz and compose your subconscious thoughts. For many people, their subconscious holds some of its most creative ideas.

By writing in the morning, you give yourself a better chance of tapping into your subconscious to put your most creative ideas to paper!

Change Locations

There’s no denying that many people are simply creatures of habit.

It’s often easier to do something you know in a place you are comfortable.

Although being a creature of habit has its benefits, there are also times where this can be a disadvantage too. One of these is when you are sitting in a familiar place and you experience writer’s block.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should consider packing up and relocating to a new place. Sometimes this can be finding a new coffee shop, library, or a peaceful place outdoors where you can relax.

Use Mind Mapping

Mind mapping can be an effective way to overcome writer’s block for good!

This technique is used to jot down all of your thoughts on paper so that you can begin to organize them in a better way. This helps you clear your mind while also allowing you to generate new ideas.

As you are gathering your thoughts, ask yourself what is important about the topic you are trying to write about? Be sure to write down everything that comes to mind before you try to make sense of it.

By going back and connecting the dots with your thoughts, you can begin to develop a roadmap for your writing work.

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Learning how to get rid of writer’s block is an important part of becoming a better author.

Although you may find that you haven’t experienced writer’s block for an extended period of time, life can throw us curve balls that make concentrating on our work more of a challenge. Even if you go through it again in the future, it will make your final written product all the more rewarding in the end!

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