Author, Domestic Violence Awareness:  Listen for the Whispers of Abuse

Trained Domestic Violence Advocate, PCADV

Member, A Woman’s Place Survivor’s Counsel

Member, University of Pittsburgh IPV/SV Collaborative

I am a survivor of domestic violence

and I want to help you

empower your employees

Domestic Violence costs a company between 1-3% of its bottom line each year. 

 60% of women 25% of men and 50% of the LGBT community have reported being a victim.   


Lets train your people to recognize the signs and support victims and survivors.

Domestic Violence Impact Speaker and Podcast Guest

Your Audience Will Be Empowered

To Listen for Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is so much more than broken bones and bruises.  Jennifer will share the many layers of emotional abuse including control, intimidation and coercion. Your audience will know what domestic sounds like .   

To Talk to Victims and Survivors

Your audience will learn the exact wording to use if they need to talk to a victim/survivor o domestic violence both before she escapes and then as she navigates the complex world of rebuilding her life.  

To Support Victims and Survivors

After they escape the lives of victims and survivors are turned upside down as they are still being abused. Jen will share what your employees can do to help the victim/survivor during this critical time.  


Since becoming a client at AWP, Jennifer has tirelessly transformed herself, creating a life based on purpose, trust, and self-love. She has conquered many barriers that survivors of domestic violence face on a daily basis and has come out on the other side empowered and prepared for a new future. I have witnessed Jennifer share her story with domestic violence survivors. Her vulnerability and raw honesty create an immediate connection so they feel and realize they are on the right path to rebuilding a new life. She has also spoken to domestic violence advocates and volunteers, preparing them to help victims and survivors, where she connects with profound gratitude and authenticity, so they move forward in their work with the right perspective. Jennifer provides invaluable insight into the many challenges faced by survivors of domestic violence and is a face of hope and pride for all who know her story.

Rachele Daniels, Community Educator
A Woman’s Place
Doylestown, PA 18901

I met Jennifer professionally when she was already involved with her abuser. As we became friends I held her hand emotionally as she lived through the unimaginable horror of her relationship with a malignant narcissist. I was part of the large circle of support proud to stand by her during her escape and then throughout her healing journey.  

Jennifer is a gifted writer and experienced, captivating public speaker in her professional career. I have no doubt that given her passion and willingness to tell this story she will step onto a higher playing field and become a voice and powerful representative for those this book will serve.  

As a writer and public speaker myself, I can say with great confidence…Jennifer will share, books will sell, and victims will heal.  

Mary Fran Bontempo

Jen’s Recovery From Domestic Violence

Escape from Domestic Violence:  April 4, 2020

First Contact for Services:  July, 2020

Separation from Services:  January, 2022 

8 Sessions of Crisis Counseling

She’s left but needs immediate help to navigate post-separation abuse and sort out what needs immediate attention in her life.  

20 Sessions of Trauma Therapy

What is domestic violence, what is trauma.  What deep wounds inside of you led you into the arms of an abuser.  .

10 Sessions of EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) puts the victim back into her memories of trauma and over time, reduces her emotional attachment to them.  

2 Education Programs

These programs brought survivors together to move through a prescribed curriculum with volunteer and staff guides.  

Countless Support Groups

“We heal in community.”  Support group was a time to come together with other victims and survivors to discuss and learn.  The shared experience, including many identical stories gave us a sense of belonging I could not have received from peers.  

A Little More About Jen:  

Digital Marketing Support and Education to help you get out of overwhelm… 

In 2013 Jennifer Gardella set off on a mission – to help entrepreneurs get out of digital overwhelm.  Her goal was to help businesses of all sizes develop and execute a strategy to reach their ideal clients.  

Since that time,  her practice has grown and she now helps a select group of clients on a weekly and monthly basis with their digital marketing.  She offers consultations and do it yourself programs for those who just need guidance.   

In 2023 Jennifer added another focus to her work as an advocate and impact speaker for domestic violence.  As a survivor of sadistic abuse at the hands of a sociopath, Jennifer knows the importance of educating ALL people to recognize the signs and supporting victims/survivors as they escape.  

Jen’s Podcast

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