Each individual on this planet sees the world in a unique way. Every blogger and social media marketer needs to find out which type of content the audience would like to see the most.

It is not important only to share valuable posts on your social media accounts. If a reader does not like the style of content you use, they won’t even check the pieces of information that you share.

First of all, there are a few different styles of content that you can use

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Lists
  • Data
  • Pictures
  • Tips etc.

Each style goes with a specific type of learner. For instance, teenagers usually do not like to read long-form texts. They would rather choose to watch a tutorial on YouTube.

However, ages are not the main factor you need to worry about. You will always find an exception. That’s why we need to divide learners into different groups:

  • Direct Learners
  • Social Learners
  • Analysts
  • Cautious/ Indecisive

So, how do you determine which style of content is perfect for each category of learners? Let’s find out together!

Direct Learners

The name of this type of learners already explains everything. This type of learners is directly looking for an answer in the content. When you want to give a direct answer, you can do that only in a few words.

“How-to” articles/social media posts are usually the best choice for them. For example, if the video is too long and has a longer explanation, they will turn it off already at the beginning.

Try with a combination of textual and visual content. That is something that makes the content more interesting, and this sort of learners will definitely be satisfied.

Social Learners

Social individuals like to do everything together with other people. Social students usually call their friends to learn together with them.

When we talk about e-learning, they usually like to “visit” e-conferences. That’s why you should try with Instagram and Facebook lives where hundreds of people are involved.


You can conclude by yourself that this sort of people likes to analyze everything. Their perfect content is full of data and graphs. However, they also like to see real examples from the past or to hear tips from successful people.

Their intention is not to get the answer, but to find it. This type of learning is usually connected with self-employed, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Cautious / Indecisive

When you try to learn something new, without any basic knowledge behind you, it is logical that you are indecisive. With this sort of learners, you need to work more.

They won’t be satisfied if you only give them the answers they are looking for. You need to encourage them to move forward. Because of that, the majority of social media influencers and bloggers include motivational quotes into their textual and visual content.

Final Thought

Try out each style of content until you find the right one. In case you can’t determine which type of learners is following your work, contact me, and I will help you to solve this problem.