Are you looking for ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

There are more than 177 million LinkedIn users in the United States alone! LinkedIn has an active monthly membership of 48.1 percent of its user profiles. This makes it a great way to network with other professionals and find the job of your dreams.

The best LinkedIn profiles uniquely market the individual from the rest of the pack. Read on to find out what it is about these profiles that make them so effective!


Optimize Your Photo and Headline

Your LinkedIn photo and headline are your first chance to make an impression on someone else.

That’s because when an employer is first looking at a list of job candidates, your photo and headline are the only things they see.

Your photograph should be a professional headshot that reflects who you are as a person. Besides being a quality picture of you, it should also be appropriate for the kind of industry you are seeking to work in.

Your LinkedIn headline is right below your profile picture and describes your current position. This is often shown as ‘Position Name at Employer’ but to make yours stand out, add an extra word or two. This will give an employer a better idea of what you are doing now.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

The best LinkedIn profile for you will be one that highlights your accomplishments under each job position.

Once an employer clicks on your name or picture, the profile is your chance to show a stranger why you are worth their time. Under each of your previous jobs, you should provide a brief but well-written description of your accomplishments.

When you are considering what to include in your profile, ask yourself: ‘What did I do in this position that makes me stand out?’

Be sure that you spend some time considering the significant achievements in each of your prior positions. That way you don’t overlook including any of the important ones in your profile.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Before you begin creating your LinkedIn profile, spend some time looking around on the website to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to look around at the LinkedIn profiles of other professionals in your industry. What was it that got you to click on their profile to begin with? Are there any keywords that are included in that profile that you forgot to use in yours?

By taking note of what makes someone else’s profile impressive, you can incorporate it into yours to make your profile more unique.

Wrapping Up: How to Create the Best LinkedIn Profiles

It takes time and effort to create the best LinkedIn profiles but it’s worth it in the end.

Long before you are sitting in front of your computer to create your profile, you should spend time considering how you want to present yourself to others on LinkedIn and the best ways to do it.

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