Probably around 95% of successful contractors will confirm that the social media platform brought them some amazing results. That’s why you should try the same method of promotion.

The number of active Internet users is growing on a daily basis. That is one large market that allows you to connect with like-minded people, but also to expand your business.

Each social media can bring benefits to your business. Let’s see now which social media platforms are the best choice for contractors.


You can’t make the first steps in the Internet world if you don’t have your own website. Your main task is to make engaging, clear, and interesting content for the readers.

There is a big chance people will contact you to ask for your service or to offer business cooperation.


Almost every successful entrepreneur is running his own blog. Here you can share your thoughts about absolutely everything. It is recommendable to stick to your industry.

For instance, you can share tips with people that have the same interests as you. There is a big chance they will contact you for help. This is also a good way to advertise your services.

If you want to expend topics on your blog, be sure to write about things that you really know. Successful people usually want to help their audience to improve themselves and their lives. Start with sharing tips from your personal life that could help others to solve their problems.


Facebook is a good place to interact with your customers/audience. The visitors to your page can find out more about contact information. However, that’s not all.

Blogs and social media always go together. You can share links to your blog on your Facebook page. Your followers will probably start asking you questions, and it is your duty to answer them.


There is no better place than Twitter to start some kind of industry conversation. You will definitely be able to meet other experts from your field of business. Some of them can become your clients or partners.

Google My Business

People do not always start their research on Facebook or Twitter. Actually, the majority of us use Google to find out everything we want. That’s why every contractor should verify his business on Google.

There are a few pieces of information you need to include on your Google business account:

  • Name of the company
  • Category/Industry/Field of business
  • Short Introduction
  • Location
  • Working Hours
  • High-quality pictures

These pieces of information will give a clear picture of who you are and what you are offering.


Most of the people that visit LinkedIn are looking for some kind of business service or business cooperation. Here you can make your personal profile and highlight the skills you possess. You can also make a business profile and talk about the services you offer. If you do everything correctly, there is a big chance you will attract some long-term clients.

Final Thought

When you realize how social media platforms are working, you can expand your promotion on other channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. Maybe you will need time to understand how everything works, but do not hesitate to investigate every option.

People usually get stuck in the beginning. That’s why you should book a call with me to consult about your business problems.