Social media platforms have become part of our everyday life. In most cases, we use them for irrelevant things. We usually use them to contact people that we see almost every day. But, what if we can use them to make business contacts and promote ourselves and our skills?

There are several of them that will be helpful. Let’s see together how you can use them in a proper way.


LinkedIn is definitely the most popular business social media platform. People are using this platform to find well-experienced employees or business partners.

So, how do you attract people?

First of all, you need to be a good storyteller. Talk about your work history and make a portfolio of your previous work. After you do that, you should do your own research.

Explore which employers or entrepreneurs are good and start your connection by commenting on their posts and giving your professional opinion.

You can also share a piece of their content and ask them a question. That is a good way to interact with the potential business partner.


This social media allows you to share links, messages, and videos. It’s true that people usually use Facebook for personal contacts, but that could be an advantage.

Use this platform to make professional contacts because something like that is rare. However, before everything, you need to make your Facebook profile look professional. Everything that you share, from pictures to videos, needs to be appropriate.

Comment on the posts of your potential employers or business co-operatives. Show them that you are good at what you are doing.


The audience on this platform is large because all the tweets you share are going to be viewable by everyone. The first thing you should do is start following people from your industry. Don’t forget to follow the most successful ones as well.

Publish posts that are connected with your industry, and ask a question that you would want to know. This can show that you really possess certain knowledge and skills.


The focus of this social media is on photos and videos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for making business connections. Every successful entrepreneur uses all social media channels. Find their profiles, follow them, and like and comment on their posts. An important feature is that you can share their content in stories.

You can also hold live videos on Instagram (and Facebook as well). While you are doing that, people will be able to ask you questions, and you should provide them with clear and correct answers. That will show that you are a true professional.

Check the live videos of other people from your industry and ask questions as well.

Final Thought

Which social media channel you use for networking is absolutely your choice. It is recommendable that you try out all of them and see which one will bring you the best results.

If this article was not enough to explain how networking and social media go together, you can always book-a-call with me. I will help you to discover how to use social media for networking in the best possible way.