Every law practice needs to have a website.  I know you have been out here on the internet looking for different options.  You may have a local website designer in your networking group and you have information from bigger companies such as Findlaw and Justia.  And yet you still ask the question, what do you really need in a lawyer website?

They all try to sell you on SEO…first page ranking…and content creation.  They want to write your blog, set-up your social media accounts, and include you in their directories.  It can all be very confusing as you attempt to figure out what you really need and of course, what your marketing budget will cover.

The very first part of your digital presence is your website.  A website is the cornerstone of your internet marketing. It should represent you and the commitment you have to serving your clients.  Clients will search for your practice area on the web, so your site will need the SEO to rank.  Other clients may be referred to you and therefore your site should confirm your experience.

I know they do not teach you the basics of any marketing in law school and so you have relied on a few digital downloads and information you can pull out of sales people as they call.  Here is a basic plan of how to get ready to build a website

  1. A working knowledge of SEO.
  2. A very clear understanding of what you need in a website.
  3. A clear RFP for a WordPress Website.
  4. A URL and hosting package that you own and control.
  5. A simple design with clear navigation
  6. Articles on your core business areas that explains why your ideal client should use your services.
  7. A blog and editorial calendar
  8. Ongoing support for SEO and maintenance.

So how are you, a busy attorney going to navigate this going to take care of all of the details?  This is a specialty of mine.  I started in this business working with an attorney who had lost his first page ranking on Google search when Google Penguin pecked at static websites.   I rewrote website, starting blogging and executed a very strategic social media strategy.  Within four months we owned the first page of Google again.  I now offer this service to you so you know your digital presence is being handled while I also build our your editorial calendar and social media profiles.

The result?  For many of my clients the initial result is peace of mind that their digitial presence is being handled by an expert.  Then, depending on their level of investment the phone starts to ring.  Other attorneys start to comment on their presence, are impressed…and start to refer.

I have helped many attorneys get up and running with an entire digital presence.  From website to monthly blogging and then a strong social media strategy I just do not leave you to eventually do it all on your own.  We work together to ensure your presence is growing every month communicating in your voice to your clients.

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