SEO for the CEO

Here is what the average CEO needs to know about SEO…

Definition of SEO:
Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure your website is best set-up to be found by search engines (Google).  There are technical (think coding) parts to SEO as well as content (think blogs).  Here is the high level explanation of each in order of importance.

Content is the most important part of your SEO strategy.  A healthy website is one that is naturally building (growing in size) with new website articles about your core business areas and blog posts. Each piece of content should speak directly to your target audeince answering the questions they have showing you can solve a problem for them.

Long-tail, short-tail, and single keywords should be naturally embedded  into your content.  These can be based around how people are searching for you, what you do, and the needs of your client.  Keywords should be included in your title, URL, content, and meta-description.

Google considers your site credible if it is linked to credible links.  There are three kinds of linking:
Out-bound linking:  these are hyperlinks to your site that go to another site.
Internal linking:  hyperlinks on your site that bring the reader to other pages on your site.  This shows that the content on your site is related.
In-Bound linking:  These are links from other websites to yours.

Metrics:  Traffic & Bounce Rate & Health
Google will give more credit to your website (and you will rank higher in search results) if you have lots of visitors and they stay on your site reading lots of your content.  Also, your site needs to be healthy with Google Webmaster tools installed, updates made (and checked), and broken links corrected.

If your SEO team is not taking care of these four things then they are not doing SEO.

Also, if your SEO team claims to be doing anything “propriety” for you behind the scenes of your website, get rid of them now.  This could mean they are keyword stuffing, putting your links to your sites in farms,

Why is this all important if you have an in-house marketing team or outside agency handling SEO for your website?

You are busy running an organization overseeing budgeting, personnel, products/services, goals…and marketing.  Your marketing team has a social campaign running, a website, and you have heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) around the office.  You trust your people and know (hope) they are deploying a well-thought out strategy.  You might have a contract with a company to execute SEO on your website.  Do you know what they are doing or what they should be doing?

Many times when I start to work with a company the first step is to provide a general overview of SEO (this goes for companies big and small).  Why would a social media consultant care about SEO?  First and foremost, because you have questions and I want you to understand the importance of SEO. Your website is the cornerstone of your digital footprint and it is critical to have an understanding.  You have also be en bombarded by companies wanting to sell you an SEO package ranging in cost from $59.99 – $1,500 per month.  If you are paying for SEO and they are not doing the things on the list above, you are getting ripped off.

My clients trust me to explain SEO.  Why?  I do not make any profit on “doing” SEO.  I can explain it and tell you what really needs to be done.  I can also talk with your SEO team and then explain what they are doing for you.  If they are not making sense, not doing their job, or selling you a bogus experience, I can help you either get them on board or find a new outfit to better serve your business.

As a social media consultant I provide support to your staff, and even you as the SEO (thought leadership?), with blogging and building a digital presence.  I take great interest in making sure you have everything you need to succeed which is why I share my expertise in many other areas with you.