How do you maintain focus on social media and blogging?

If you are building a business or law firm you have already heard that you need a blog and social media presence to reach your ideal clients.  Are you out here on the internet searching for answers on how to blog and what to share on social?  Great first step.  Let me share that to win the game and be successful all the knowledge isn’t going to be enough – you are going to need to be focused and fully commit to regularly sharing great information.  FOCUS is the name of the game.

How did I stumble upon this?  I learned from questioning and evaluating why it is that are abusers are so successful.  How, even though they spew hatred, tear others down and create chaos and confusion…why are they rewarded?  It is because they only focus on two goals:  abusing others and looking good.  Additionally, at the suggestion of my friend Denise Walsh, I started listening to The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale and learned that you reap what you sow…the earth returns to you what you put into it.  You get what you put in.

If you have struggled with blogging and social media (and marketing in general), I’m here to help with that focus and then the commitment so you are successful!  How fun is that!  Marketing should be fun…it should not be boring.  Through marketing you have an opportunity to help your ideal clients solve their problems and…as a result…they come knocking as they realize you are the go-to expert.

Your social media and blogging should focus on the problems of your ideal clients.

Of course, it is that commitment piece that gets tricky because…who has the time?  How do you even know what to do?  As a social media and blogging consultant, I hear from attorneys and business owners ALL THE TIME that they struggle with blogging and social media.   They don’t have the time and they certainly have no idea what to do when they want to get started.   How can you learn to blog, share on social media, be social, and connect with others…ALL OF IT!!!

The first step is setting your goal – what do you want to do?

  1.  Some need help starting out with a blog and social media:
    For these clients, we do their keyword research and write a 12-month editorial calendar
    We also optimize their social media profiles.
    We then start writing blogs and social media posts to reach their ideal clients (there is some special sauce in there that I am happy to share on a call with you).
  2. Others need help with the right keyword research to write blogs based on how their ideal clients search.
    These clients typically work with a marketing firm and have been shown a list of keywords on their site.  The problem is that it isn’t about how many keywords you have on your site – the game is about your phone ringing!
  3. Lastly, there are clients out there who need some direction.  For these clients, I help them
    Easily complete their keyword research based on how their ideal clients search.
    Set up an editorial calendar
    Outline blogs
    Go through step-by-step what they need to do on social media.
    Give them a ton of ideas (I’m not kidding here – A TON!).

Next…stay focused.  Sounds easy, but I know that it isn’t.

Blogging:  How to stay focused with blogging?  Your keyword research and editorial calendar will keep you focused on what to write.  The other piece that you need is dedicated TIME to write.  The ONLY way to find this time is to calendar it.  And, while I am jumping ahead here, What to write and time to write are both important you also have to stay focused on publishing.  Don’t wait for something to be perfect…you will NEVER get it done.  

Social Media:  How to stay focused on social media?   First, you need to know what to do.  I have found that those who have no idea what they are doing on social media tend to post to their business page with a “CALL ME NOW!!!” type of post.  With your ideal client in mind, and your social media profiles optimized you can start to write content that will establish yourself as the person to solve the big problem your ideal clients are struggling with right now. Then, commit to a strategy that you work every single day to help build your social media presence.  

With all this in mind just keep returning to the idea of focus.  Stay focused on your goals and focused on helping your ideal clients.  Get yourself ready by making sure you have the knowledge and support to get it done.  If you need a little extra support, give me a call.  I LOVE to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and attorneys understand what needs to be done and then actually get it done.  

No matter where you are in your blogging and social media journey, we should talk.  I can make sure you are on the right track to meet your goals and provide the focus you need so you spend time doing what is going to make a difference to get that phone to ring.


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