Are you trying to use LinkedIn to grow a following, connect with other entrepreneurs, or become a voice for your company?

If so, you should keep reading this guide on how to create interesting, engaging, and effective posts on this platform for the best results.

Take your Linkedin posts to the next level by incorporating these 3 great ideas.

1. Trend-Setting Posts

A great way to engage with others in your industry is by educating them.

Statistics of trends in your industry, or posts about new trends, can help to show that you know your stuff and are well-researched. Timely and relevant content will engage social media users who are always looking for something new.

Additionally, blog posts and stories from you, or others from your company and industry can help to share advice and inspirational content for those trying to make it in your industry.

2. Visual Content Is Crucial

Visual content is the most popular form of content for social media, and it can help to catch your audience’s eye while diversifying your feed. Add photos, graphics, and videos to your post to create some interest. A video of an inspiring interview or presentation can help to show that you are trying to promote other leaders in your industry as well.

Motivational images or informational slideshows can also be a great way to play around with visual content in posts. When posting videos, try to find one with subtitles. This will help viewers get interested in your video even when they don’t have access to the audio.

3. Lessons Learned and Advice

A great way to connect with your audience is to post a video or blog post about a lesson you’ve learned in your industry. This can be how you rose up after making a work mistake, or how you’ve managed other difficult situations.

It can also be about how you got your job, and what you love about your job.

This is a great way to humanize yourself on your page and present yourself as a leader in your industry that isn’t above talking about their mistakes and sharing with others. This will present you as a valuable mentor in your company and industry.

Guides such as how-to’s or tricks and tips on making it in your industry can help others feel that they benefit from your content. This builds brand loyalty and awareness around you and your company.

Making predictions about the future of your industry can be a great way to open up a forum for others in your industry to discuss this topic.

Ideas on How to Create Great Linkedin Posts

Use your Linkedin posts to promote yourself as a leader in your industry. Creating successful Linkedin posts will encourage others to share your content, and in turn, grow your audience. By creating engaging content on this platform, you can boost your networking web exponentially.

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