If you are constantly posting blogs, sharing articles, and tweeting long, never-ending streams of tweets, but not seeing traction in your followers or engagement numbers, maybe it’s time to liven up your social media a bit. Take a turn from text-based posts, and venture into some visual territory.

Adding some videos to your social media repertoire can be a great way to breathe some life into your online presence.

The truly great aspect of producing visual content and videos for your small business is that it brings a new level of personality to your business. Putting a face and voice to a name will make prospective clients feel like they really do know you. If you are a business operating locally this is especially important. Being able to see your face makes you another friendly neighbor in the community.  You want people to feel welcome and invited to your business, showing your face and letting them hear you talk will do just that.

Google also loves video, a lot. They will rank your videos high in searches, especially if the video is on YouTube, because they own YouTube. Drive your social media followers to your videos through Tweets, Facebook posts, your website, and wherever else you can. The more views, the higher it will rank. It will not cause your website to directly rank higher if the video is posted there, but it will definitely cause more traffic in the long run.

There is no denying that people love videos and will definitely watch them over sifting through a dense article.  We are living in a time where everyone wants information and wants it fast. Videos are full of short, condensed, packages of information, and all a viewer needs to do is listen and watch. If you haven’t produced any videos yet, do it! The people who look to your website for updates and information will jump all over them.

The one thing about videos, however, is that they do require a bit more time than a basic blog post would take. All you need is a basic camera that will produce clear and quality resolution footage, and a few hours of writing time. If you plan time to write and shoot the videos, and put it into a pre-existing social media posting calendar everything should go smoothly.