In the building of my ever expanding business, I have been bringing staff on-board (for the record, they are all 1099’s).  As a social media consultant to small and mid-size business, it has been very exciting to think about the jobs that need to be done and then put the right people in place to work with me.  I have had tremendous fortune in finding individuals who are a good fit.  And now as I look to put more people on the roster, I find myself wanting to hire a military spouse (or 2…or 10).

As a sidenote, and in showing you that there can be a very natural and beneficial intersection of your personal and professional life – I will share that my significant other is a retired senior military officer.  His service to our country was admirable and has opened a window which allows me to see a glimpse of military life.  No, I was not married to him when he served…I did not make the 11 moves with him in 24 years.  I did not sit home alone when he was deployed around the globe or our flying across the country to drop off an admiral.  But…I have sat and wondered…what if I had been that person – and how do spouses build their careers when they (and potential employers) know they are out of there in 1-3 years?

I have come to learn that it is very hard.  There are few job opportunities on base and when duty calls you roll – or your spouse does and you are left behind – to manage every aspect of the home, your life, your career and the children (sick days, days off, snow days).   Sometimes with minimal support because your friends and family are far away.

All this got me thinking – I am in a position where I am staffing up my business.  I need reliable individuals who have a good head on their shoulders and want (and possibly need) to work.  My team members work their own hours from their homes – this just might be perfect for a military spouse.

Given their commitment to their spouse, his/her career and country this idea is definitely worthy of investigation.  So if you know of a military spouse who has a college degree, likes to do research and writing, and most importantly is trustworthy, well please give send them to my website for more details by clicking here.