Jobs for Military Spouses

We currently have available several jobs for military spouses. We know that when your significant other is on active duty you may have a hard time building a career.  Other employers fear you will be moving away in 1-3 years and not having longevity at any one company can be problem.  Deployments can be hard to handle when you have to be at work yet manage all day-care, sick days and snow days for your children.  We deeply respect the service of your spouse and the commitment you have made to your life in the military.  We want to partner with you so you can work and meet the requirements of military life.

The Gardella Group and Jennifer Gardella are actively seeking writers for blogging, social media, and administrative support.   You do not need any social media, research, or admin experience , but must possess the following:

  1. You are the spouse of an active duty service member
  2. You are no drama, have high energy, and are a self-starter
  3. You are a happy person
  4. You have 3-5 hours per week to work and at this time, and may want to increase that in the future.
  5. You do not have another full-time job
  6. You like to research on the internet and talk on the phone.
  7. You have a laptop/computer and a very reliable internet connection
  8. You have a college degree
  9. You have a steel center core of integrity
  10. You possess excellent communication skills and enjoy writing.
  11. You possess the ability to work independently

These skills will help you build a significant career working with Jennifer and her staff.  Current positions include conducting research on certain topics and writing blog posts and social media posts around those concepts.  We also have significant research that needs to be conducted to launch new products.  You will receive direction but will also be applauded for taking the initiative bringing in new ideas and collaborating with our team on new projects.

To apply:  please send your resume to  Include your contact information, and a paragraph introducing us to your life in the miliary (location, years served, family). We applaud those who have been the stay-at-home-parent with younger children so please include that information as well (do not hide it).  Please include verification that your significant other is active-duty military.

We look forward to hearing from you!