And start the conversation!

I realize Miss Manners herself would have a heart attack with that statement, but I have to say, I am really sick and tired of watching so many small business owners, authors and personalities just say thank you when I share something on social media.  I go out of my way to share an article or blog post from their website, I tag them in the post, and they respond in the comments “thanks for sharing.”  Big opportunity missed.

The goal is to create a conversation!

When one of your social partners shares an article of yours, take the opportunity to let their network know a bit more about you!  Wait, you do have social partners….don’t you?  Click here to find out more about social partners.  

Don’t get me wrong, it is fine to reach out with a private message (either on that social media platform or even in an email), and thank that person for sharing your content.  You are also allowed to thank them in your comments.  Afterall, I do applaud good manners.  But rather than stop at thank you,  instead write a comment that highlights your expertise.  If I share your website article or blog post it is because I believe my network is dying to hear from you and need your expertise.

Some ideas when your content is shared on social media

1.  An article from your website on the basics of divorce:
“Thank you for sharing this important information.  So many of my clients are overwhelmed by the idea of getting divorced they do not know where to start.  I wrote this article to explain the basics and help them with their initial research.  Let me me ask you +JenniferGardella, what do you think is the number one most confusing aspect for anyone who just made the decision to divorce.

Notes:  We did include a thank you, and then asked a question.  This continues the conversation!

2.  An article about a green cleaning product from your website:
“+JenniferGardella, I are honored you have chosen to share our product with your network and would love to offer a free sample to anyone who responds in the comments below with their number one health concern when it comes to cleaning with dangerous chemicals.”

Note:  This response is sheer brilliance.  You not only make great contacts with my connections, you offer them something in return AND through their comments you get a little bit of information on their concerns (which you can turn into your own content, such as a blog post….always thinkin.’)

3.  An article for your website on the emotional struggle during infertility treatment
“+JenniferGardella, thank you for sharing this important information with your network.  So many men, women, and couples suffer through the process of infertility adding stress and isolation to their lives.  I have built my practice to help them through and provide much needed support. “

4.  Your blog post on Leadership
“+JenniferGardella, helping others untap and reach their leadership potential is truly my passion.  Question for you, when looking inside, what do you think is the one move you made that really unleashed your potential as a leader?”

On many social networks, when anyone responds to a post, their network is alerted to that activity.  So, as you generate discussion, the content can go viral if enough people are talking about it.  The ideas for your responses are endless to me sharing your content.  Get in there, engage, and really strut your expertise. As you and your social partners get in the groove of sharing and commenting it will become second hand and your social footprint will grow exponentially.