If you are a small business owner or personality attempting to position yourself and your business on social media sites, you are going to need  help.  Putting together a group of strong partners can add tremendous benefit to your social media efforts.

What is a social media partner?
A social media partner is an individual who commits to assisting you in cyberspace in some way.  They should have some relationship to your core business areas and be able to authentically promote your goods and services.   Ideally, they understand the importance, also need the support, and have lots to share as well.

Who are some great choices?
Your social partners should be able to authentically help you spread your message.  I have seen small business owners come together in very unique ways.  For instance, a business coach might partner with an accountant.  A hair salon owner can band together with the local ice cream shop or color supplier.

Why should they help you?
This is a reciprocal relationship so as their partner you will be helping them out as well.

When and where should they help you?
Not all the time and not on each social media platform.  When you talk about working together discuss reasonable expectations based on your priorities and strategies.  For instance, you might want help sharing a blog post on LinkedIn or a special offer on twitter.  Maybe you just want someone to comment on a Facebook status each week.

How should you set this all up?
Go slowly with this as you are taking on a commitment to also promote their content as well.  You might want to just start with one platform like Twitter and get 10 individuals together.  Put them on a Twitter list and when you have a few minutes review what they have tweeted.  You could also store them in a separate circle on Google plus.  Some partners have a private Facebook group and when they need something promoted they let the group know.

Having a committed group of authentic social media partners can really boost your efforts. You gain credibility when others see your content authentically shared, and it can be a great benefit to have conversations develop on your posts.  Choose great partners and make sure to return their efforts to them.

Looking for a great social partner?  I’m available!