The majority of accountants do not use the advantage of social media. The sad fact is that a large number of them do not even have a website. Even if they do have one, the content of their website remains the same for years.

The competition in this industry is tough. Every accountant needs to make a good marketing campaign in order to be better than competitors.

Social media platforms are the best possible tool for advertising. They allow you to reach to your potential customers in a much easier and cheaper way. There are a few things that absolutely every accountant needs to have

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn account

Let’s explain one by one.


The website of your business serves to represent your services to the audience. You won’t be able to talk with each visitor personally. That’s why you need to make a well-designed website with engaging and clear content that will “speak” for you.

Except for the landing page (that needs to be attractive), 2 pages are essential – “About Us” and “Our Services”. You can name them differently, but the point is clear. On those two pages, people will understand who you are and what you are offering.


A personal blog is something that will definitely bring you more followers and potential customers. Provide your readers with useful tips related to your industry.

Some accountants do not stop there. They also share tips and stories from their personal life. That is a good way to build up your brand.

Facebook Page

There are around 500 million active daily users on this social media platform.  While your Facebook business page will not really produce significant engagement results, it is still important to have a presence.  Investing about $20 per day in Facebook Ads will have a positive impact on your business. Now, you can, and possibly should start Facebook Ads with less and start testing as you start to spend more money.  Your Facebook Ads should be conducted within the advertising program. Be warned, boosting posts on Facebook is a different feature and should never be used.

You can share various types of posts there. For instance, you could promote the blogs you write or share interesting stories related to your industry.

P.S. Don’t forget to add a link that will lead to your website in the description of the page.

Twitter Account

On this social media platform, you need to be active. Publish at least 5 tweets per day. However, that doesn’t mean you should constantly try to promote yourself and your services. Try to be interesting and unique.

Google My Business

When people need an accountant, they usually search for one on Google. When they type, for example, “Sacramento Accountants”, they will get at least 100 results.

Verify your business on Google. Add your working hours, the location, and contact options. You will be able to see how many people visited you on Google and which reviews they gave you.

LinkedIn Account

Make sure to have a professional and high-quality profile picture. Add the skills you have and certifications that will prove the quality of your skills. In the end, add contact info where potential customers can contact you.

Final Thought

If social media platforms are something new for you, there is someone who can help you. In every part of the day, you can contact me and find the answers that you are looking for.