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Social Media and Blogging Done for You


Are your social media accounts set-up correctly?  Are they well-written and uniquely written for the culture of each site?  Has in-depth keyword research been completed to ensure that you are using the write words and phrases in your digital marketing including the pages and blogs on your website?  Jennifer takes care of all of this for you.  When we set-up your social media accounts they are each uniquely written for your firm to reach your ideal clients. 


Jennifer and her team will write blogs based on detailed keyword research.  After your approval they will be posted to the blog on your website with white hate search engine optimization (SEO) best practices are followed.  

Social Media

Each week you will receive a list of social media posts for your approval.  The content will come from your blog to maximize traffic and also include posts from sites that are related to (but not competing with) your business.  After your approval, they are posted to each of your social media accounts.  

© The Gardella Group LLC

© The Gardella Group LLC

More About Done for You Services

You are a small business owner looking for help in organizing your social media and internet presence. You want to get started but are inundated with information you have found  on what to do.  You have been contacted by companies who want to do it all for you.  You do not know even where to get started.

This is where I can help you. 

I help small business owners plan a strategic digital marketing plan so they know what to do with their website, blog and social media accounts.  I have found that most small business owners would like specialized help as they develop a plan to market their business on the internet.  Having a clear understanding of what to do for your business will bring you peace of mind.

Personalized Monthly Support:   Certain clients would like monthly personalized support in making sure their social media presence is continually building.  This support is based on a client’s budget as well as how much time they can commit to the process (some want to be very involved, others not at all).

VIP Day:  Are you ready to get it done?  This time with Jennifer offers one-on-one intensive set-up and training.  You finish your day with your social media accounts completely set-up and ready to move.  You know how to connect with the right people and to be social.  Jennifer personally trains you on the ins and outs of every social media platform so you can effortlessly work with them as you move forward.  Jennifer will also provide you with an abundance of ideas on what to share.  Here is some more information.  

Book a call with Jen today to discuss your three big social media
concerns and get clarity on first steps to take.  

One-on-one strategy sessions:  We meet at your convenience to review and start to set-up your digital presence.  Our discussions focus around your goals for your website, blog, and social media footprint.  We can set-up specific accounts and even start connecting and interacting during our time together.  We end our session with all of your questions answered and you have a much clearer understanding of the next steps to take in marketing your operation.  These strategy sessions can be done over the phone or in-person.