This week marks the true end of the holiday season as we leave Valentine’s Day behind.  I hope you were filled with love in some way and you took the time to remind your nearest and dearest that they are loved.

At this time of year – half way through February – many are reminded that they have slacked off of those New Years resolutions. They have not been going to the gym, eating healthier or…say…writing once a week on your business blog.  If you are thinking “how did she know I made that commitment…and how does Jen know I let it slip?”  Because at this time of year my phones rings off the hook with business owners who say “I can’t do it myself, can you help?”

For those of you who still want to give it a go on your own, what you are missing to keep you going is a plan.  I always recommend an editorial calendar and time blocked off each week to just outline and write.  This way, when it is your time to write and publish, you are no starting to scratch.  Now, if you have not put the plan in place, and want to write something this week…here are my best ideas to answer your question (courtesy of the CBS Morning Show)…

What Should I Blog About?

Monday:  President’s Day

Tuesday:  We aren’t sure because they were moving too quickly.  Does the concept of “moving too quickly” relate in any way at all to your business?

Wednesday:  David Gotham’s bday – we aren’t sure if my trusty assistant got this name correct so we will check in later. and correct it.

Thursday:  World Thinking Day, brought to you by the Girl Scouts.  Girls all over the world will be concentrated on helping others through similar activities with the theme of Impact.  Write about an impact your business has on the world, doing good for others, the importance of working together, coordination.  Or, as the Queen of England has said, talk about something you need to “have a good think” about.

Friday:  POTUS welcome’s Australian President.  You can write about peace, flying over, welcoming another, responsibilities.

Saturday:  We round out these ideas with World Sword Swallowing Day.  While I in no way suggest that anyone just start swallowing swords, I would recommend the concept of “trying something new.”  Recently I tried Uber and loved the experience even though I had several reservations.  What can you, your business, or your customers/clients try new?

Here is the most important thing about blogging, just start.  It isn’t all that hard and can work wonders for your business.  Your SEO will improve if you keep at it, and those who visit your website will get to know you as a person a bit more.  If you need help, feel free to give me a call.


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