How can I create content to share on social media?

What should I share on social media?

Here are 10 great ideas to turn into pictures:

  1. Inspirational messages related to your business
  2. Quote from one of your blog posts
  3. A new product in your store
  4. Member of your staff
  5. Outside of your office
  6. Clients interacting with you
  7. Clients using your products
  8. You with networking collegues
  9. You speaking at an event
  10. A review from a customer or client
  11. And do not forget – cute pictures of dogs and cats

Great ideas – but how do I create the pictures?

Using pre-made templates, Canva can help guide you through creating cover photos, graphics for Pinterest, and posts for all social media sites. It is so incredibly easy to use. Loaded with fonts and images it’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to make graphics. Just follow the primarily instructions and you’ll be on your way. And by using Canva for all of it, it will create a consistency in branding that will help your small business’s accounts match and stay coherent.

Inspirational quotes can be placed throughout your social media accounts. Placing them on your major social media accounts will draw in more attention, like retweets or likes. Social media is really all about inspiring new ideas and communities, so why not play into that aspect. Canva has beautiful pre-made templates you can use to share quotes you feel relate to your small business’s beliefs and ideals.

Use Canva to create images of your staff with their names. It will give your business a more personal feel. By attaching faces and names to your small business, it will help your clients relate with your small business on another level. It will spice up the “staff” section of your website and bring life to it.

You can also include Canva to avoid creating duplicate content, but sharing positive reviews in other locations. Reviews should be kept all in one spot, and if you use the text in another location Google will index it as duplicate content and push it down in results. So instead, take a good review, place it into a Canva template and add it to your website as an image in a related blog post.  Get the most bang for your buck by tagging the picture on your website as well.  That way you can show off your great feedback, without affecting your SEO and Google ranking.

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” really rings true when it comes to social media. Your followers are going to be far more engaged with pictures and images that catch their eye instead of long strings of tweets. Photos can add personality to your pages and help clients recognize the identity of your brand. Canva, an online graphic design website, can help you create these images and help establish a consistent online identity for your small business.

I use Canva to design cover photos for clients. I place them on their Twitters, G+ accounts, and Facebook pages. I constantly places quotes in boxes on my clients web pages to add to the visual appeal of their sites. It’s an incredibly useful tool to create consistent and interesting graphics for your social media and websites.


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