All Small Business Owners Want to Know…

How do I find time for social media?

You’ve probably caught yourself avoiding your social media because you feel like you don’t have the time or can’t make time to make your accounts effective.  Your life is probably busy, running your business takes most of your time, and you don’t even have time to think about sending out a tweet each day. If you are struggle finding the time for social media here are the tips to get you started. 

  1. Slowly set-up. You don’t need to rush into becoming a social media expert. Try to set up one account at a time, and really get comfortable with each site. Knowing how to navigate every site will make using them that much easier.  It is not a race, you don’t need to be tweeting 30 times a day and racking up 30 new connections on LinkedIn every week.  Take your time and become proficient with the sites.
  2. Get Connected. Once you are all set up and ready to go, it is time to get things going. Try to build-up your networks by connecting with other users. You can start with non-competitors in your field, other local businesses, and previous clients. Engage with these people and actively maintain your relationships with them. From there you can reach out to future clients, influencers in your field, and leaders in your industries media.
  3. Know what to share. Figuring out what content to share is usually half the battle of finding time to update your social media. Make a plan for what to share and when to share it. This will take the pressure off trying to think of tweets or Facebook posts in the moment.  Focus on your key business areas, tips on running a small business, or inspirational material to get started. You can share articles, post blogs, and try to connect with influencers. Keep your content professional, informative and interesting.

It really isn’t all that hard. With one hour a day you can do this all yourself without it overburdening your day.  Having a deep understanding of what constitutes proper and effective social media use, and creating lasting, genuine relationships and connections are the most important part. But all of this will come quickly and easily if you just work at it a little bit every day.