You may have heard the rumors. You may have even believed them. The word is that G+ is dying, and on its way out the door. Maybe you’ve heard that no one is on it and it recently changed – again.

But despite all the gossip, the opposite is occurring.  I have had tremendous success with G+. Learning to use it correctly and effectively can help you be a success too. Here is why it is important to your small business.

One of the great things about G+ is that your posts can rank in a Google search.

Yes – that is right. If you are on G+ posting about your core business areas, your posts can rank for the keywords when someone is searching.  Although, people may not be jumping on G+ – Google still indexes the information you share and will display it to searchers.  

For instance, if you are a divorce attorney in Pittsburgh, PA, you can post on G+:

You may have many questions as you start the divorce process in Pittsburgh, PA.  One of the first things you should do is get your financial documents in order.  Here is a list to get you started. (and then include a link to a page or blog on your website where you include that information).  

When you share a page from your G+, Google recognizes it as relevant and gives that page a bit more credit, and therefore higher ranking.  So if you are sharing your blog posts on your site, or links to different aspects of your site, Google will see that. It will push your website up in Google searches, and more people will be able to see it. So just by doing what you would normally do on any social media site, you are also helping SEO your website as well.

Despite what people are saying, there are people using G+ and they might be the people you haven’t reached yet. There is a whole new network of people on G+, for you to connect to.  And they may not necessarily be on some of the other sites you are. G+ is a hidden gem, and looking into tapping the unused resources on it, can help your business get a lot more attention and form much stronger connections.

After working with me, clients who correctly post on G+ ind their posts ranking on the first page of Google for their target keywords. This means more people seeing their page and more attention and business for them. So maybe it’s time for you to check out G+ and see what it can do for your endeavor as well.