So your business is doing well, you’ve found some great techniques to manage your social media…now you are ready for the next step, but what might that be?  It might be time to start looking for ways to reach out to influencers in your field.  These influencers might the ones making big waves in your industry, people in the media who talk about your field, and maybe they are the people with websites you would like to guest blog on.  

But your name might not be enough to get their attention. You need to use your social media accounts, skills, and knowledge to make an appearance on their radar.

The key to catching their attention is to tag them:

  • On Twitter. Send some tweets their way. You could share articles they’re mentioned in or have written, or comment on some of their tweets. Just be sure to tag them!

You could send out some tweets to your favorite blogger or writer say:

“Check out this blog by @TheInfluncer, I posted something similar on #topic last week on my blog check it out ”

Or you could share a blog post from their site “I struggle with the issue of building my twitter following, here is a great post by @TheInfluencer www.theinfluencers that has helped me understand #topic

This gives them a notification, shows your interest, and provides some content for them to look at and maybe reach out to you about.

  • On LinkedIn.  This is a professional space, so this is a great way to foster a connection that could extend from just sharing tweets, and speaking on social media. You can share articles that relate to your business or shoot them questions about your field that they are experts on. Make a good impression and keep things focused on the business aspect on LinkedIn.  Always feel free to ask a question, for advice, or for the influencer to share an experience they have had with a client working through an issue.
  • On Google+. If they are on G+ and trying to build their own presence they will love to connect with you. G+ is the secret of the social media world. The benefits are huge, but no one is on it.  This is a great and wide-open space to engage with the people who you want to notice you. Tag them, talk to them, and make an appearance on their radar. It will pay off.

Keep in mind before you reach out you need to make sure you have something worth paying attention to. You need to have substantial, original content to share with these people you want noticing you.  Be authentic and try to drive the conversation around the influencers expertise.  

On top of that you definitely need a reason to reach out to the movers and shakers in your field. You should have an authentic tie to this individual, don’t just make frivolous attempts to get the attention of someone with a big name. This will make your connections genuine and hopefully benefit you and your small business in the long run.