Thinking about getting your small business social media started while still running the rest of your business?  This can seem like an intimidating amount of extra work. But taking it one day at a time can help you slowly build your online presence. However, be warned, you really do need to know what you’re doing. Social media isn’t just about sharing animal pictures and viral videos. Before you even think about what kind of content you should be posting, you just need to get your accounts up and running with some followers.

Here is a sample plan for building your social media:

Step By Step Getting your small business’s social media up and running might feel overwhelming, but if you just take it in pieces it becomes much easier. Try to make small steps in setting up and getting your accounts ready. Claim an account on each of the different sites or you can enhance the accounts you already have. You could had a tagline to your G+ one day and maybe spruce up your LinkedIn Summary the next day. It doesn’t all need to be done at once. Taking your time and making your accounts as clean and clear as possible will yield much better results over time.

Day by Day Try to set mini goals for your accounts. Maybe each day you try to connect your G+ account with five new people. Or you could try to follow and be followed by 4 new people on Twitter. Work slowly, but effectively to build-up your network of meaningful connections that will pay off. Trying to get to a few a accounts daily will make a difference and help your presence grow even more.

One Thing at a Time The most important part about social media though, is the sharing itself! All the accounts you’ve set up and connected to others with will be pointless if you’re not getting any content out onto them. This part can be tricky, finding time and figuring out what to share.  Just try to share one thing a day if you can’t manage to find time. Sync it up across your accounts. Keeping your content consistent and constant is important so try to keep your accounts active and posting at least once daily.

Remember social media is a process. Your accounts are not going to gain thousands of followers overnight. Building up your presence takes time and dedication. So post, share, and keep your accounts updated! You’ll be on your ways to new followers in no time.

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