It goes without saying that if you are in the market to help small business owners you best provide a huge bang for the bucks they are paying you.  My ideal client gets that, appreciates the work that I do, and most importantly, enjoys the sweet smell of success once we start building.

When you come on board as my client I build your social media presence in the most authentic way.  If you want a canned plan, robot, or agency look/feel to your presence then I am not the chick for the job.  My work for you (and approved by you) puts you out into the world as the expert you are and allows your own personality to shine.

How do I do this?

  1. I actually talk to you…to many of my clients this is a novel approach.  We not only have an initial consultation, but I want to hear from you often about what is going on in your business and how it intersects with your personal life.  We need to take your expertise as well as your hobbies and interests and form the right mix for your digital presence.
  2. Research – I can take the success of your competitors and make it not only work for you but work in a better way.  You may feel you are behind the curve of a competitors website, don’t worry, we can not only catch-up but beat them (I’m just a bit competitive).  I take an in-depth look at others like you and those you want to look like and execute a plan to propel you to the top of the heap.
  3. I walk around in the world thinking about you.  When I read the paper, watch the news, and bounce around social media, I watch closely for information being shared related to your particular field.  Once you are on my client radar screen I am constantly on the watch for items related to you and how we can use the information for your benefit.
  4. SEO – a major part of my job is to make sure we position you for google search.  This is not the $79.99 SEO experience (what are they really doing for you anyway?).  We put out amazing content, make sure it is relevant to your target audience, ensure it can be found by google,  use G+ to your benefit (what!!?!  you aren’t on G+ yet), and then use the tools available to us to wrap up some technical SEO pieces.  This is not rocket science people, you just have to know what you are doing.
  5. Writing – Ahhhh…the written word.  I write blog posts and social media posts so your target audience and google search not only find you but realize you are an expert.  This is no easy task.

The work and success I deliver to you is a culmination of all these pieces, my own process, and then a little magic and dazzle.

I am often amazed with the number of small business owners who continually sit in overwhelm unable to move on social media and also think the work of a professional behind them is not worth it.  If your business can not be found on the internet you, in most all cases, have a huge problem – and getting out there in the right way takes experience and expertise.

If you are looking for help building your social presence, you need to find a team who can position you as an expert in your profession and also remember to interject your own personality into the digital space.  Do not settle for hum drum or canned content.  You and your business are worth a personalized approach.

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