Knowing the value you provide to your clients and customers can
greatly enhance your social media efforts.

Have you wondered what the needs of your clients really are when it comes to the services you provide? Like many small business owners, you know your area of expertise, but do you know the value you provide to enhance their lives?  Many of my clients are very clear on what they provide…legal support during a divorce, leadership training, psychotherapy.  And when working with me we always talk about the actual value they provide.  You need to make sure that your website articles, blogs, and social media posts speak to the pain points of your potential customers and clients.  What do they struggle with and how can you help them?

The actual “what” that you provide is critical and help with each part of your social media.  Sure, you need to send out information about your core business areas.  However, when on social media, you also need to show individuals how you help their lives.  What issue keeps them up at night and how do you help them?  To think of your business in this matter as really reaching your client will only enhance your mission.

Now, you may be a bit bewildered thinking of your business in this way.  So, teaching by example, here are mine….

1)  I help my clients get out of overwhelm about social media.
I know it is a funny way to say it, but it is true.  My clients are stressed out about promoting their business on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  They are overwhelmed.  The sales and marketing tactics of other consultants and agencies is to bombard with calls, lists of things that MUST be done RIGHT NOW!  To the average small business owner this is all too much.  On the flip side, I actually educate my clients so they have a clear understanding of how accounts need to be set-up; how to connect with the right people, and then how to be social.  I provide monthly support and at each step bring them into the process so they understand the pieces.

The result:  They are no longer overwhelmed and can go to bed each night knowing their presence is connecting to the right people and building.

2)  My clients are scared to hire a consultant
Many of my clients have tried to work with other consultants, some solos and some larger companies.  Most of the time they pay exorbitant amounts of money, receive little attention and are often disappointed with work provided.  Add to this, they are often locked into a contract and have handed over all their passwords…so they are stuck.  My goal is to over-deliver to my clients in both quality and quantity.  I am available by phone with they need me and their social media is handled by a professional.  I meet deadlines and do not disappoint.  My clients only sign a month to month contract with me.  This gives them peace of mind knowing they can opt out…which they never do because….

The result:  My clients are confident in working with me because I over-deliver, do what I say, and make them look like rockstars.

Think about your overall social media presence.  If you are out there pumping out what YOU think your customers and clients need to know you are missing a valuable opportunity.  Try to shift your thinking and develop your digital presence that speaks to how you can help them in your life.

With the support of Sue Guiher, I continue on my blogging hot streak (day two, hey, we have to applaud the small steps).