600_430601122My who:   “Small business owners and personalities who want to build a substantial social
media presence and are willing to commit resources to the process.”

I just had the great pleasure of listening to a presentation by Sue Guiher of Thrive for Success.  Sue is a self-proclaimed “thrive-ol-o-gist.”  She has studied, in great detail how businesses can position for success and thrive.  Today, Sue led the group through a program on the Six Keys of Connection.  This is a way of looking at your business connections from the standpoint of a Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.  When in Sue’s presence you can not help but to be inspired and recharged – I came away with lots of energy.  Sue also gave us all a unique gift…that of many many blog post ideas.  Six at least – one for each key.

As a social media consultant, clients with a clearly defined “who” have a much better idea of how to target their own ideal clients.  When we have a goal of reaching a specific market, we can set-up social media profiles where they are hanging out and then deliver content we know that they need.

When helping my clients on social media, we use the Who to develop an editorial calendar so they have a general idea on what to share on social media based on the calendar, cycle of their business, holidays and other quirky dates.  I also encourage them to write when they attend a seminar or are inspired about a news story in their industry.  (Notice, I am taking my own advice and writing about my who).

How you define the WHO of your business is critical.  It is easy to say “everyone,” but as Sue and I know, you need to be focused.  For instance, I could (and have in the past) said my ideal client is any small business owner.  I learned the hard way that statement is way too general!  While I do have the expertise to help any small business owner (yes, I do), my ideal client knows it is important and will commit resources (time and money) to getting it done.  That last part is critical.  I do my best work working with clients who not only appreciate the expertise I bring to their digital presence, but also who can commit to supporting my efforts.

A few plugs:  Sue has a blogging challenge going on right now – 30 blogs in 30 days.  Sign-up here. In fact, I rushed home and wrote this post because of her encouragement.  Did you notice that it was tailored towards my ideal client, suggested that knowing your Who can help your social media efforts, and gave a shout-out and a link to Sue? Ahhh…the beauty of blogging.

One last shout-out…Sue presented today after a lovely brunch held at the home of Jamie Broderick founder and head honcho of  Network Now Connections.

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