As a business owner I know you have asked yourself “how can I manage my social media.”  You are overwhelmed with the sales calls and emails from companies playing on your feeling of overwhelm.  They want you to think establishing a digital presence is too big of a project for you to take on yourself and they try to sell you an extensive package.  You are the best person to authentically represent yourself and your business online.

Guess what?  Every small business owner can manage social media establishing themselves as an expert and their business as the go-to place for goods and services.  In fact, I recently came across an article in explaining Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity theory of “Don’t Break the Chain.”  The idea is a simple one, set a goal and work towards it every single day.  You can keep track of your progress on a  simple calendar.  For every day you work on your project put a big “X” on that day on the calendar.  After just a few days a chain starts to form and your goal is to continue that chain until your goal achieved.

And this is how business owners can challenge themselves on social media and set small manageable goals.  Start by completing just one task on just one account every day – form your chain.  You can put the general tasks of social media into three categories:  setting up your accounts, connecting with the right people, and lastly being social.  Goals can be to set-up one account, connect with XX new people, or share a great piece of content each and every day.  If you need help with each of these three aspects, I would encourage you to check out Your Social Media Hour for daily guidance.

In that article, the author, James Clear encourages us to make the big commitment to consistently show-up, just like the experts and achievers in any field.  Face your challenges and look at set-backs as opportunities.  Most importantly, keep going.  Make sure to earn that mark you put on the calendar every single day.  If you do this with your social media, just think, after a short period of time you will make considerable progress and establish a digital footprint!

This theory worked Jerry Seinfeld – he used it to write jokes every single day.  And, if you remember his stand-up routines and the show Seinfeld you know his diligence certainly paid off.  You can do it, I have full faith.  Every once in a while I post a social media challenge on LinkedIn.   Please click here to access my profile and connect with me and see the challenges I have previously posted.  Look forward to connecting with you out there – you can do it!