LinkedIn For Your Salesforce

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LinkedIn For Your Salesforce

As the sales manager or president of your company, you are focused on performance numbers.  You look to see which members of your sales team are meeting and exceeding goals, and of course, who has not been pulling their weight.  You may be down across the board, flat, or just not growing as fast as you predicted (or needed).  Standard sales meetings and even trainings have not produced results.  You know it is time to embrace LinkedIn for prospecting, but you have no idea how to get started, and have would like to bring in an expert to conduct a workshop on LinkedIn For Your Salesforce.

Jennifer Gardella has built her own successful LinkedIn prospect funnel.  She looks forward to working with you and your team to realize that same success.

Why LinkedIn should be an important part of your sales cycle strategy:

  1. You can search for and connect with your target clients.
  2. Before phone calls and meetings you can look through profiles to ensure you fully understand a prospects current position, their job and knowledge base, and even their competitors.  This information will allow you to develop a tailored presentation.
  3. LinkedIn serves as an additional and unique touchpoint for potential clients who may not pick-up the phone or respond to the coffee mug you sent them.
  4. Using LinkedIn you have the unique ability to share information with your potential clients highlighting their expertise, giving them notoriety and putting you on their radar screen.
  5. The LinkedIn long post micro blogging platform allows you to write directly to your target audience.
  6. Google indexes LinkedIn profiles and information which will help with SEO for your company website.

How your team can benefit from a  LinkedIn Training for Your Salesforce:

  1. Profiles will be written to highlight the expertise of your company and individual sales team members.
  2. Your sales staff will learn the right way to prospect their target clients.
  3. You will learn how to highlight information about your company.
  4. Detailed training is given on managing connections and expanding your LinkedIn network.
  5. You will learn how to share the information of others so you appear up-to-date on industry happenings.
  6. The value of LinkedIn long posts will be explored to share information with your connections in a unique way.

This training will happen in your office over one day or several.  Jennifer supports your staff through follow-up phone calls and email support as they have questions when using her techniques for success.  Jennifer Gardella, PhD is a social media consultant who has used every tool of the LinkedIn system to build her own consultancy.  By positioning her expertise within the LinkedIn system she has connected with prospects in unique ways to build her company.