Twitter’s name has changed and the internet is abuzz with speculation about where the social media platform is going and how users should adapt.    As a How to social media consultant,   I have preached that every business needs to execute a strategy for the core four social media platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Business Profile. With recent unrest and ownership change, I’ve held a wait-and-see attitude with Twitter: build a presence but with caution. Elon just stepped up, literally marked his purchase, and spot changing Twitter’s name to X. This news shocked many people who had grown fond of the Twitter brand. But why did they make this change? What parts of the old branding will they keep (as of this writing, you can still “tweet”) And more importantly, should business owners still stay on the social media platform? Let’s get two things out of the way:  

  1.  First and foremost, you should stay on Twitter, er…I mean X, if your ideal clients hang out on the platform.
  2. If you maintain your presence, be sure to change to the new logo everywhere – contact your website designer now to update the icons.  

Why Did Twitter Change its Name?  

To understand why Twitter changed its name, we just need to look at recent actions and company goals. Twitter has been attempting to diversify its services and product offerings for some time now, recently introducing Twitter spaces. The platform has also introduced a subscription service called Twitter Blue, which offers advanced features such as the ability to undo tweets and bookmarking. Given the desire to expand, the name extends beyond a microblogging / social media platform.  

Twitter’s name change could also signify a desire to break with a tumultuous history, with many high-profile incidents of harassment and hate speech. X may be an attempt to move forward and leave its past behind. A name change could signal a fresh start, and it will take a proactive approach to address these issues.

Should You Still Use Twitter?

But what does this mean for business owners who use Twitter? The rebrand will not impact services, but you must keep an eye on your ideal customers and opportunities to expand your reach. A change in the name of a platform might create new opportunities for businesses to pivot their marketing strategies and tap into new audiences. Additionally, as Twitter expands its offerings, business owners should keep an eye on these developments and consider how they could benefit from them.

That said, it is understandable that business owners may be hesitant. It may take some time for users to adjust to the new name, which could impact interactions between businesses and customers.

In any case, businesses must take a measured approach to any significant changes on social media platforms. Keep up with the latest developments to see how your strategy should adjust. And continuously diversify your social media presence to hedge against any potential negative impacts from a rebranding effort.

Twitter’s decision to change its name to “X” is a surprising move that underscores its desire to expand beyond its social media origins. While this change may give some users pause, businesses should continue to use Twitter as long as it remains a viable platform for interacting with ideal customers. You can weather any potential disruptions from this rebranding by keeping an eye on Twitter’s plans and diversifying your social media presence.

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