Divorce and other family matters like adoption, child support and alimony are usually times of enormous stress for individuals and families.  Even in the most peaceful situations, there is often anxiety and fear about the future, finances, and well-being of children.  A great attorney website for a family lawyer would include these areas.  Pages on the core areas of each divorce (divorce, alimony, child support, child custody, retirement…the list does go on and on).  To build your SEO and use social media effectively you also need an active blog that regularly shares information on very particular issues, provides guidance, answers pressing questions and responds to the news.

All of this needs to be infused with your expertise and great compassion for the individual circumstances of your ideal clients.

For instance, if you want high-asset divorce cases, your website should be chock full of information on finances and how assets are considered and usually divided in your particular county.  You want to assure these clients that you will protect what they have earned and grown, now and into the future.

If you want to focus your practice on mediation, you may be wondering “how do I find couples who are willing to mediate their divorce?”  Your website needs to take a peaceful and also legal approach to explain the process and benefits of proceeding with your services.

Some attorneys like to litigate and as such are interesting in finding clients who want their date in court.  These websites should include information on how you prepare for and then protect them in the courtroom and throughout the legal process as you will fight for their rights relentlessly.

All divorce attorney websites should include a significant amount of information on protecting the emotional well-being of children.  For many divorcing parents this is a significant concern.  Many parents, even those who anticipate a divorce war, want to be assured that you will do everything in your power to minimize the damage to their children.  Additionally, beyond the custody arrangement and child support, parents need guidance on the future will be handled with extended vacations, changing parenting schedules and college selection/tuition payments will be handled.

Just as no two divorce and family law practices are the same, your attorney marketing strategy must show that you understand that no two divorces are the same. Your legal expertise needs to be delivered with considerable passion for each type of divorce circumstance.

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