Looking to kick up your web presence to the next level? Studies estimate that around 64% of small businesses have websites.

However, there are good websites and bad websites. Unless you use your online presence properly, it won’t be successful in increasing your revenue.

One of the most important considerations in this regard is search engine optimization (SEO).

Read on as we explain a bit more about SEO, and share some actionable SEO tricks.

1. Stop Obsessing Over Exact-Match Keywords

Once upon a time, search engine optimization was based on stuffing a given keyword onto a page as much as you possibly could. As you can imagine, this made for some pretty horrible reading.

Nowadays, search engines have refined what they look for. They understand terms that are closely related to your keyword as well as just the keyword itself.

Don’t stuff keywords into your content, or search engines may actually punish you for it.

2. Prioritize User Experience

This follows on neatly from the point above. In 2020, creating a positive experience for readers is of vital importance to your SEO.

This means creating readable content, rather than content that is focused solely on hitting keywords.

Readability also relates to simplicity. Readers of web content aren’t looking for complicated, in-depth analyses of the topics they search for. They want simple answers to their questions.

Therefore, avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Also, avoid using words whose spellings you have to verify in a dictionary.

3. Focus On Your Click-Through Rate

Another feature of search engine optimization is ensuring that your website isn’t ignored when it appears in search results. Your page might feature on the top page on Google, but this won’t do you much good if no one clicks on it.

The key here is an engaging meta description. This is the text that appears under your clickable headline.

If you can engage readers here, they will click on your page.

4. Avoid Duplication

While SEO isn’t an exact science, analysts are fairly sure of certain things. One of these is that duplication is a bad idea for your site’s performance on search engines.

When researching on other websites, make sure to change the phrasing properly. This applies to previous work on your own website as well.

5. Use Internal Links Wisely

Internal linking has been integral to SEO since it first became the subject of study.

Internal links are those which direct readers from one page on your site to another. Using these properly will create an air of authority around your website. This will encourage search engines to send web surfers in your direction.

Internal linking can also be a great way to boost the performance of lower-ranking pages on your site.

SEO Tricks to Take Your Online Presence to the Next Level

Simply put, no online business will reach its potential without regard for SEO. The SEO tricks above will optimize the approach of your business and increase the number of clicks you receive almost immediately.

If you want to talk about your firm’s approach to SEO, or you have a question about any area of social media for your business, book a call with Jen today.