In the last few years, the popularity of podcasts has grown. For absolutely every topic you will be able to find at least one podcast.

People are busy, and they don’t have a lot of time to read long-form blogs or e-books. Even if they have time, they don’t feel comfortable to read a lot. That’s why they would rather choose to listen to a 20-minute long podcast and find out everything they want.

Why are podcasts good for business?

This is the biggest advantage of podcasts. You will be able to connect like-minded people that will become your true fans. Sooner or later, those fans will become loyal customers.

Minimum Requirements

Recording your own podcast is actually quite easy. More importantly, it is cheap. The only thing that you will need to buy is a good microphone. The sound in your podcasts needs to be clear and understandable.

Other requirements are affordable as well…

  • A good idea
  • Logo
  • Website

Making a good show format is the toughest thing. The perfect length of podcasts doesn’t exist. Still, the only thing you need to avoid is to make a podcast longer than it needs. When people do that, they usually go off-topic, and that is not interesting for the listeners.

Try to make a mobile-friendly website. It is easier for your listeners to download or turn on the podcast on their mobile. They will put on their headphones and enjoy your show.

If you are creative enough, people will continue to visit your website. Your logo is going to become recognizable, and that is the best way to establish your brand.

Is It Possible for a Solo to Podcast?

It’s true that the majority of people are starting with interviews. However, that doesn’t mean everyone should do the same. In most cases, beginners start with interviews as they find it easier to “talk” on a podcast.  It is easier for them to start together with someone else.

The answer to our question is – Yes, it definitely is possible for a solo to podcast.

Where to Promote Your Podcasts?

Use all social media channels to promote your podcasts. For example, a good move would be to go live on Instagram and Facebook while you are recording. You will be able to answer the questions you receive. That will help you to make more interesting content.

iTunes is the most popular platform for podcasts. Still, do not completely avoid other platforms such as SoundCloud, Instagram TV, and YouTube. The more channels you use, the more listeners you will have!

Final Thought: “Welcome” and “Call-to-action” parts

Always start your podcast with the “welcome” part. It would be good to include some intro music; that will make the beginning more interesting.

The last part of your podcast is your “call-to-action”. There, you need to call your listeners to review you on iTunes or to follow you on Instagram, etc.

Maybe this sounds difficult. Don’t worry, you can always contact me and get useful pieces of advice!