The middle of the year is the right time to turn around and see what exactly you have achieved. If we achieve at least half of our goals for 6 months then we are on a good path.

There are two simple questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What were your goals?
  • Have you made progress?

The most important thing is to stay on the ground and set reasonable goals. It is good to be a dreamer, but being unrealistic will only bring you troubles. Achieving success on social media over the night is not possible.

When you look at the most popular influencers on social media channels, you will realize that they needed months or even years to achieve their goals. So, trying to reach millions of followers or likes quickly doesn’t have any point.

When people find out that their plans and ideas were unrealistic, they start complaining and searching for excuses. Their ego and pride won’t allow them to accept that their content was not good or that they didn’t work hard enough.

If you haven’t achieved some or any of your plans, it is not the end of the world.

Here are 4 useful tips that will help you to move forward.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Bloggers and social media managers like to use this sort of calendar. It is hard to stay active every day; our creativity sometimes doesn’t allow us to create engaging content.

Still, when you are active, your followers/readers will respect you more. Creating an editorial calendar will help you to organize your content for a longer period of time.

Set Aside the Time

It is preferable that you start working on your social media accounts after you complete the duties around your business. It is logical that we can’t concentrate on our content when we have more important things on our “to-do” list.

Imagine that publishing blogging or social media posts is some kind of reward after your primary job is completed. In that way, you won’t feel uncomfortable to spend an hour or two on a daily basis to fulfill your profiles/blog with interesting content.

Use Tools

You can often hear from entrepreneurs that they don’t have time to design pictures or to research topics that are viral. Luckily for us, we can now find tools that will make our work on social media a lot faster.

For the design of your pictures, you can use Canva. If you don’t have time to find popular topics for your blog, use Google Alerts to find the right ones. Those two tools will save you time.

Ask for Help

It’s okay to ask for advice when you don’t know how to handle everyday tasks. That’s why you should look for a social media consultant. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, you will be capable to achieve your social media and blogging goals.   I help many business owners and personalities get “out of overwhelm” and start moving forward with blogging and social media.  Schedule a time to speak with me to get you moving forward.

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