Nearly half of the year has passed, and now is the right time to determine how your schedule is working.

Our schedule can sometimes trick us. People feel proud when they respect their time. However, something that really matters is the results we achieve for that period of time.

There are two different things that will help you to measure your success:

1) Goal
2) Actively tracking your results

Let’s explain this one by one.


We all have some kind of goals for the future, right? We usually start with establishing goals after New Year for the next one, three, six, and twelve months.

Now is the time to see which goals we actually achieved and what exactly we need to change or improve. If personal satisfaction is the only reason why you want to stick to your schedule – that means your schedule is wrong.

When some of your plans were not accomplished as you imagined, start looking for the reasons why that happened. See from your schedule what exactly distracts you from making good results.

Tracking Your Results Daily

People usually do not determine their goals properly. Their main goal is to reach 300k followers on Instagram, but they do not determine time and methods to do that.

Every large goal needs to have mini-goals. For instance, you want to get 100 new followers after you publish a motivational quote. After 24 hours explore how many people really saw your post, and how many of them clicked on the “follow” button afterward.

It is important to track everything on a daily basis. In that way, you will know exactly which moves were good for your success.

P.S. Use tracking tools to precisely measure your results.

Type of Planners to Use

Making plans for the future is never going to be an easy task. You need to think about so many details, and there is always a small chance you will forget about something.

Using the tools that will help to make better plans is always a good choice. There are two different types of planners that everyone could use:

  • Paper Planners
  • Online Planners

Someone would say that using paper planners is traditional, but there are people that are still using them. Put your “to-do” list on a piece of paper and note the dates for each point you have on the list.

It is good to put a paper planner somewhere near your bed. Every morning, when you get up you can check which posts you should share on social media, which appointments you have, etc.

However, online planners are easy to use. Everyone can design one with Canva. You will choose the colors, fonts and other features of your new personal planner that will make your planning process more interesting.

Final Thought

In case you don’t know how to make effective plans, I am always ready to help. I put a lot of effort into making realistic plans. My pieces of advice will have a positive impact on the achievement of your goals.