Facebook. The place you find comfort in online. It is probably where you started your venture into the world of social media. You feel safe on Facebook and you think it works for others. If they can find success why can’t you?  If you are putting all your eggs in the Facebook basket you are missing the boat.

The problem with relying on Facebook is that you need to pay to get paid. Unless you are willing to shell out some cash, your posts will get lost amid the birthday wishes and puppy videos. With any social media site this can be the case. But by expanding your reach, you can make an impact without paying a penny. By using sites like Twitter or LinkedIn your network will expand much quicker, and with little effort. Knowing how to use multiple social media sites will be more valuable and effective than paying to pop up a little more frequently than usual.

Take an honest look at your engagement numbers on Facebook. If you have a hundred likes on your small business’s page, but each post you make is only getting one or two likes, a comment or two, and maybe a few shares, it’s not really going to make a difference. You want people to interact with you and spread the word about your business. Spreading your wings and looking to create new social media accounts, will improve these numbers and help you find more potential clients to engage with.

You need to establish your business’s online presence.  By sticking to one site, you are not creating a presence. By expanding and establishing a brand, you create a cohesive, singular, identity; therefore, your business’s social media will attract and retain more clients. You want people interested in you to be able to find you on any social media site.

It is time to get out of your comfort zone. There are so many sites out there that you can dive into and start using to spread your influence. LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest are untapped potential that you need to look into. You need a presence to reach everyone in a unique way. You can become a social media powerhouse in no time, if you just get past the comfort of Facebook.

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