Whether you are a Twitter fiend or just a beginner, everyone is looking for ways to get new followers. The attention online creates positive branding and gathers more clients and interactions for small businesses. While what you include in your tweets is important, sometimes how you use the site is also important. Understanding how Twitter truly operates and combining it with you desire for a larger following can create the perfect mix to help your profile blow up.

Frequency The best way to get more traction on your Twitter account is to use it! Posting as often as possible is going to gain you more followers. Post images, videos, links, and information about you’re business and industry. Consistent content is the key to gaining a strong following.

#Hashtag Using hashtags can really help to amp up your Twitter and garner more followers.  Search for trending tags and use them to your advantage. Create funny or witty tweets by using a trending hashtag or find a hashtag trending within your industry and send out tweets based on that. When people search that hashtag your tweets will come up and people can click to see your account. Hashtags can be your own tiny advertisements in a way, use them to your advantage.

Retweets Strike up a deal and create a mutual retweeting relationship with some social media partners. It will give your tweets more buzz and help you account get more followers.  This will validate your tweets and encourage others to interact, retweet, and favorite them as well. You’ll be able to reach a whole new base of followers

The most important thing to remember is that building up a social media presence takes time. It requires dedication, and a true understanding of the way Twitter operates.