While tweets are quick, Facebook posts are necessary, and LinkedIn can be great to make new connections, they are all a bit lacking. Don’t get me wrong – posting is great, but they do not help your clients put a face or personality to your small business.  Videos keep people interested and engaged more than a long form text base post might. And, videos are great for SEO (link to YouTube Channel blog).

It can seem daunting. Maybe you’re not sure what to say or maybe a little camera shy and nervous to begin filming. Just pretend you are talking to a potential client or customer. That will take some of the awkward tension off talking to the camera and help things get started a little more smoothly. Here are some tips to get your videos started:

Quality is Key In order to make an impact, you need to make sure your videos are high quality content. If you plan to make videos a regular part of your social media regime you need to invest. Do your research and find a camera and microphone in your price range to make your videos the best they can be. No one will stick around to watch a video filmed on an iPhone.

Location, Location, Location Besides a good quality camera, you need to plan where and when you are going to be filming. You’ll want to find a clean, business related background to film against. Avoid high traffic areas; you want minimal noise in the background. You want to keep the focus on you, not the nonsense happening behind you. Choose a time of day at your office or home when people aren’t running around or exceptionally busy. Film at a time when your filming environment is relatively calm.

Think about Topics Your videos do not need to be long and winding monologues about the minute details of your industry. Keep these simple and related to your core business areas. Not sure what to talk about? Turn to your blog. You post there frequently, so take the highlights from related blog posts and use tem to make up the framework of your video. It is really that easy.

Once you have the video done THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO WATCH IT!  This is usually the hangup with any business owner, they do not like to watch themselves on video.  So DON’T!

Need help generating topics?  Give me a call and I will be happy to help you out!