YouTube is the second largest search engine next to google.  What could be even better?  It’s owned by google- and we like google.  It is a wise digital strategy that includes YouTube.  Afterall, 300+ hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute and about 5 billion videos are watched daily.  These stats give your videos the opportunity to be seen by large numbers of people.  

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There are several features, sharing options and exposure opportunities with YouTube.  You can even link your website directly to your video.  You can embed links in your videos and also at the end – which is smart because when someone wants information about you they can just go right to your website.  Using this same feature you can link your social media sites which can bring people directly to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. pages.

More than that, a bar on the right side of the screen will show you videos you might like based on the one you are currently watching.  Your other videos will display there so that the people watching the one video have easy access to the rest of them.  

Share buttons make it possible to post to your other social media sites too such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.  Furthermore, on Facebook, you’re able to join different “groups”.  These groups are all based around a single theme, i.e. photography, young business owners, divorced parents, lawyers, social media consultants.  What does this mean?  You can upload your video to multiple groups reaching different audiences that can all relate to your content.  Then, you make connections.  

Your videos can act as either a concise version of your blog posts or provide even more detail.  You obviously want your blog posts to give every piece of information possible but sometimes “short and sweet” is a better way to go about them.  By also talking along with it or putting it in other words you might be able to get your message across even easier.  

Something that a handful of companies use is a feature to record everything happening on their screen.  So, if I were to use this feature now It would record my typing, changing pages and this is how companies such as apple can actually show people how to fix their computers, phones and other cool things to do using their Mac products.  For you this means that you have the ability to show your watchers exactly what you’re doing when creating easy fixes.  By using this your watchers will be able to follow along to do exactly what you’re doing on your screen.

Yourself, as well as YouTube will be able to see how many people are viewing your page and videos and the more viewers you get the higher up on the “suggested” list your videos get.  Baby steps first, but it’s always possible for your videos to get big, seen and earn you money with a high enough audience number.

Want to get started?  Set-up a video camera – your iphone will be fine – and record a 90 second video related to small topic about one of your core business areas.  Upload it to a Youtube channel.  Congrats!  Now, it will need some work and details to get it positioned correctly, embedded into a blog post on your site, and – most importantly – watched – but you’ve made a big first step.