Ya know that feeling when something just no longer feels right.  While it has been a part of you for quite some time, suddenly, it no longer seems appropriate?  Me too.  I just ditched my blog NJ Divorce Mom.

Now, if you are in the biz of blogging and know my writing, well you probably think I am absolutely nuts. That blog had some moxy too it after a nice long three year run with nothing but authentic writing about my crazy life. It had over 30,000 page views, ranked on the first page of Google for my top keywords.

For a few months now the title no longer felt right.  Sure, I technically am a divorced mom living in NJ.  It didn’t hit me all at once, but started as a thought “do I really want to be associated with that title?”  When something doesn’t feel right in your life, you may ignore the signs hoping to stay connected to this thing you know, that feels safe, which is common and standard in your life.  I did.  But then I started to really question and used the following to get through it…

  1. Acknowledge it no longer feels right.  And it really has not for quite some time.  The blog was created for a former employer who needed a companion property to link back and forth with to attract the Google spiders.  He was a divorce attorney, I was a divorce mom – the blog was a natural fit.   But in just a few short months I won’t be NJ Divorce Mom anymore (read between the lines as you will on that one – I’m not saying anything right now), and so it was time to start writing in a different space.
  2. Trust your gut.  For quite some time my gut has been telling me to make a change.  Articles have popped up about getting away from the platform the blog sits on, and my gut told me to change.  So I did.
  3. Know that if you follow the path, greater things will happen.  Once I realized I no longer wanted that space, ideas started flowing for something else I could develop.  And here I sit writing on my new blog, My Steps in Time.  The title is a perfect fit for where I am now and the title versatile enough with many meanings.
  4. Release the attachment to the thing:  As it turns out, I’m not NJ Divorce Mom, I’m just Jen (Dr. Jen to some).  And to label me with the term divorce, well, it just wasn’t the right fit.
  5. Come up with something better.  If you are meant to develop something else, it will come to you…you will find an even better it.
  6. Part with peace and acknowledge the good ride you had.  I am forever grateful to NJ Divorce Mom.  It was a place for me to hone my craft of writing, was acknowledged