Marketing Internship: Write with Jennifer

Marketing Internship:  Write with Jennifer

In my free time I have volunteered as a networking coach at Rutgers University.  Students often request the opportunity to intern or work with me in some capacity.  The best experience I can give them is the opportunity to write and then publish an article or blog post with me on this website or Your Social Media Hour.

Writing and publishing can help you start to establish your own digital footprint and expertise in your field.  My hope is that you parlay your writing experience with me into opportunities to build a career in your intended profession.  Graduate and undergraduate students majoring in a marketing related field are encouraged to apply.  This is a short internship which may lead to further opportunities in the future.

Our work together will be housed under the umbrella of internet marketing including digital and social media.  We may talk about importance of a specific activity, write a how-to guides, develop infographics, or give commentary on a current event.  While expertise is not required you will need significant effort in this subject matter to be successful.

First, the criteria:

  1. College or Graduate level student with a major related to marketing.
  2. Strong research and writing skills.
  3. Full compliment of social media profiles set-up and willingness to use them to publicize your blog post or website article.  This includes a minimum of Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

The Process:

  1. Please send Jennifer an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.  
  2. Please email your resume to Jennifer at  In the body of your email include a paragraph (only one paragraph)  as to why you would like the opportunity.
  3. If our team feels you are a good fit you will be contacted with a topic.

Once you are selected, I will work closely with you to find a topic which fits into my editorial calendar and your interests.  Our work together can be housed within a current class you are taking or even a research project for your academic pursuit.

My team looks forward to receiving your information and helping you to successfully publish for the first time with us.  Our goal is to provide you with an experience to place on your resume and help you stand out as you apply for employment.  We applaud your initiative and interest of this unique opportunity wish you great success during the entire process.