Website SEO Audit

Content Audit of Your Website
SEO and Consumer Readability

Why is my website not ranking with search engines?
Why is no one reading my articles and blog posts?

You may find yourself struggling to understand why your website and blog are not attracting the right traffic and keeping visitors engaged with your articles and blog posts.

If you are adding content to your website every week you are on the right track. If that content isn’t performing well more than likely your writing strategy just needs a little tweaking.

I was previously the marketing director for a small law firm where I learned the ins and outs of writing to attract both the search engines and engage customers. This research led to first page rankings on Google for the firm’s top keywords. Additionally I have built a successful blog and have been a monthly contributor to the Huffington Post.

Now, I want to share my knowledge to help you achieve success for your content efforts.

When I work with clients I tailor the process to their time and budgetary constraints. After we discuss just a few points, I can quickly get started evaluating your online presence.

When I review your website, I examine every nook and cranny of your content focusing on two main areas:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I take a hard look at your content to see if you are effectively using your keywords. Additionally I search the web to ensure your content is unique. I look at your internal and external linking. Lastly I take a hard look at your competitors to see if why they may be outperforming you.

2. Readability:
I read your website as if I am a consumer and look to see if you are writing to me or to someone “in the biz.” I look to ensure easy readability, appropriate and diverse coverage of related topics, and expertise without industry jargon.

The report you receive will be a simple series of action steps that you can take to improve the performance of your content. These areas can include keywords, topics for future content, and writing style. Depending upon your goals and my evaluation, your list of simple action steps will be tailored to helping you maximize the time and effort you dedicate to your online presence.

Please call me today at (609) 566-3549 or send me a note at so we can get started.