Stock Photo Sites

Yes, adding photos to your social media and blog posts can help to boost SEO as well as user experience.   However, you absolutely must have permission to use the photo, or pay to use the photo.

If you search Google images for a photo, you do not have permission to use it.  Here is he kicker, even if you just have a personal blog that is not making any money you absolutely have to have permission to use  a photo.  AND, do not think “oh, if they catch me I’ll pay for it later.”  When you violate the artist’s copyright you don’t just have to pay for the photo, you will pay a fine.

Ok, so, small business owners are always asking me…

Jen, where can I find free photos to use on social media and my blog?

You can find free photos all over the internet and I have compiled the list below and will continually add to it as I find more.  Most sites do offer free photos and also have options for purchase.  Others are membership sites that give you a certain number of pictures per month – some unlimited.


  1. Canva is the absolute best  – free and $1 images that are fantastic.   You can create your graphic and get moving immediately.  Canva is always #1 on my list.
  2. Bucketlistly
  3. Burst
  4. Chisel
  5. Cupcake
  6. Death To The Stock Photo
  7. Getrefe
  8. Hubspot – if you sign-up for Hubspot’s email list you will periodically receive photos from them that you are free to use
  9. Magdeleine
  10. Pinstamatic
  11. Quozio
  13. Raumrot
  14. Recite
  15. StokPic
  16. Stock Free Images
  17. Unsplash
  18.  Gratisography
  19.  Little Visuals
  20.  Superfamous
  21. Life of Pix
  22. Function
  23. SplitShire
  24. Startup Stock
  25. MMT
  26. Pexels
  27. Jay Mantri
  28. New Old Stock
  29. Stock Snap
  30. Picography
  31. Pixaby
  32. ISO Republic
  33.  Medium
  34. More here:
Free Image Sites:
Not cheap: