Social Media Training


VIP Day:  Are you ready to get it done?  This time with Jennifer offers one-on-one intensive set-up and training.  You finish your day with your social media accounts completely set-up and ready to move.  You know how to connect with the right people and to be social.  Jennifer personally trains you on the ins and outs of every social media platform so you can effortlessly work with them as you move forward.  Jennifer will also provide you with an abundance of ideas on what to share.  Here is some more information.  

One-on-one strategy sessions:  We meet at your convenience to review and start to set-up your digital presence.  Our discussions focus around your goals for your website, blog, and social media footprint.  We can set-up specific accounts and even start connecting and interacting during our time together.  We end our session with all of your questions answered and you have a much clearer understanding of the next steps to take in marketing your operation.

One-hour phone consultation:  If you are sitting with a feeling of overwhelm with your internet marketing strategy we can quickly straighten out your confusion.  Our time together will focus on developing an overall strategy, next steps to reach your goals, and can also be used to actually build out your accounts.  Order today!


Jennifer has a knack for explaining SEO, blogging, and social media to business owners.  She is available to work with you and develop a plan to build your own significant digital presence.  She started her consultancy after working full-time for an attorney who had lost his position in Google.  After rewriting and redesigning the firm website, and implementing a social media and blogging strategy, the firm regained 1st page Google rankings within four months. She can now explain to you how you can do this for your own business.

Blog Writing and Training
Given my success with blogging, clients have worked with me to meet their blogging goals.  From developing an editorial calendar to publishing a post each week we work closely to ensure your website and blog start to build at a natural rate to inform your target audience. My clients have realized great success with this type of support watching their website grow through a blog and obtaining guest blogging opportunities.

Are you wondering about the holes in your social media strategy?  Do you think your profiles need some pizzazz but you are not sure where to begin?  No problem.  I take a very strategic look at how your profiles are set-up, whom you are connected with, and your social activity.  Based on my recommendations we then work closely together to develop a plan to ensure your digital efforts are positioning you as an expert and your business as the go-to-place for your goods and services.