Social Media Fun

Feeling a bit down and need to reach out and feel connected?  Is your business social media boring?  While it isn’t real, sometimes turning to the internet to get a connection fix can make you feel a bit better.  And yes, all this can be done as you sit in your bathrobe and eat ice cream out of the container and get things back on track.

As a social media consultant, from time to time I see individuals and small business owners put out clever ideas of things to do.  I’ll list them here so you can have some fun.

1.  Google your name and then then “glamour shots.”  Post on Facebook and encourage your friends to do the same.  The results are hysterical.

2.  Go to the nearest book, open to page XX, and read the xth line.  Post what it says.

3.  Request feedback on an idea, new product or something happening in your office.

4.  Be funny…a joke, video, meme can brighten anyone’s day.  You can create hysterical ones using different apps.

5.  Share your personal story – this is best done on your own blog (like this one for me).

6.  Cite an interesting statistic and then either trash it or support it.

7.  What about a nutty photo?

8.  Inspirational quotes never go wrong – add some humor to them and you  will be a rockstar.

9.  On that note, stick with a theme – have a bunch of quotes on coffee, wine, a certain tv show.

10.   Just about any business can relate to just about any breaking news story.

11.  Share industry news

12.  “What would you do?”  is a great question to ask.