My Team

When building  my business I have surrounded myself with some excellent companies and individuals and I am happy to share their information with you.  Trust that they have been vetted, used personally by me on either this site or Your Social Media Hour, and are each excellent at their areas of expertise.

Business Coach

He gets the top spot because he is the top dog.  Marcus was the first person to read my business plan for Your Social Media Hour and the one I turn to for advice on an almost daily basis.  I have also experienced one of his personal coaching programs during which I re-positioned the way I guide my life.  If you have met us out and about you know we have developed a rare friendship of respect, love, based on the ability to laugh at ourselves and each other.  If you are looking to align your business based on sound practice but also in alignment with your authentic self, Marcus is the man to guide your work. He has held my hand, helped me find my heart, and kicked me in the ass, sometimes all in the same text message.

Marcus Padulchick:


Business Development and Advice

Business Among MomBusiness Among Moms VIM membership

Search no further for an unbelievable 30 day challenge for your business.  Julie Fry and her team have put together a program that I enrolled in and used.  I have been a featured blogger and advertiser on their email system.




Royce Brook

These guys are fun, hungry, and most importantly experts in what they do.  They are building a business around their expertise, life long friendships and helping others.  I love visiting with them at their offices as the entrepreneurial spirit is infectious.   They made revisions to my sites on things I could not handle.  They are trustworthy, innovative, and reasonably priced.

 Cloud Computing



Jennifer Kitchen McGann

For someone who LOVES to stand in front of a crowd and talk, I despise having my picture taken.  I knew it was time for a new headshot and after a session with a make-up artist and a hair cut it was time to trust.  Jennifer McGann did not disappoint.

Since this page is about my team I must also give praise and thanks to the personal support system I have around me.  My three daughters who truly believe I am a dork but think my work is pretty cool, my special someone, my best friend who is my protector, my fellow hopeless romantic and co-author, my high priestess of the universe, and my co-parent.  You may, over the course of time see their pictures flying across my social media accounts – proud beyond words they are in my life.  There is also Marcus but I talked enough about him already for gosh sakes.