Media and Press

Jen is honored to speak to media outlets including magazines, newspapers, podcasters, and radio/TV hosts.  She easily relates to her audience, breaks complicated information down for understanding, and has a wealth of information to share in the following areas:

  1. Social Media for personalities and small business owners
  2. Branding yourself as an expert
  3. Website and blog writing
  4. Mom-preneur and Entrepreneurship
  5. The life of a single mom (including how to get along with your co-parent).


The Bar Reporter:  Monthly Newspaper of the Philadelphia Bar Association


Positive Energy with Michele Granberg

 Between the Lines, Empowering Network

Blog Talk - Between the Lines

The Empowered Speaker

Christy Demetrakis - picture

Connected Woman Magazine


Last First Date Radio

Topic:  The Effect of Social Media on Your Relationship

Sandy's Radio Show

Huffington Post Interview

As a Blogger for the Huffington Post I was honored when they requested an interview for their section “Divorce Care Package.”

Huffington Post - Divorce Care Package Interview