LinkedIn For Your Sales Force

Have you noticed the rising presence of LinkedIn in Google search results? LinkedIn is growing in popularity as a job search and business to business networking tool. Your potential clients, customers, and future employers are connecting on LinkedIn and it would advantageous for you to be part of the community. An optimized LinkedIn account for personal and/or professional purposes can have a substantial impact on your job search and the bottom line of your small business.

Not only has LinkedIn provided me with the opportunity to connect with those in my industry, but I have positioned myself as an expert in my field and have been contacted by those seeking my services (some have turned into clients!)

I have been working with recent grads, business owners, and job seekers helping them build a LinkedIn account to help meet their goals. We start by optimizing their personal profile. Based on goals, we walk through finding the right people to connect with, determining the best way for them to share information and establish expertise, groups to join, who to follow, and how to best establish a business page.

Here are some ways I have worked with clients in teaching them both the basics of getting started as well as moving into the more elaborate features of LinkedIn:

One-on-one assistance with individuals looking to optimize their LinkedIn account and learn the ins-and-outs of using the platform for their job search and/or business.
Small business retreat for your staff members to optimize their accounts and learn how to best use it for your business.
Training for businesses on harnessing the power of LinkedIn to connect with job seekers.
Larger group settings with hands on help. No need to sit and listen to a lecture and then go home and try to make changes. These work best when participants have access to computers and laptops and can directly improve their accounts during our time together.
As a University statistics professor I know the importance (and struggle) of connecting with college students. I have worked with countless seniors and recent graduates helping them build a substantial LinkedIn presence byhighlighting their experience and maturity.
If you are considering improving your positioning within LinkedIn or would like to bring a presentation to a group of any size, please contact me. As with my other services I don’t have an elaborate package system or series of payments you will need to make. During an initial conversation we can discuss your needs and how I can work with you to achieve your goals. We can meet just once in-person or work together over the phone. My goal is to watch you and your group succeed by harnessing the power of LinkedIn.