LinkedIn for High School Students

Starting September 12, 2013 high school students can open LinkedIn accounts to showcase their talents and connect with colleges and Universities. Is your child ready?

Applying to colleges is a highly competitive process and one that requires a coordinated strategy to find the best fit for your child.  The application process is extensive and as any admissions counselor will tell you, your child needs to show their uniqueness, stand out in the crowd, and catch the attention of the admission committee.

 Using available tools to highlight all your child brings to the table is critical.

LinkedIn for High School Students is the newest way to do this on an already established professional platform.

I have already received calls from families wanting to ensure their child is properly represented on LinkedIn asking for my help in setting up a profile.  Ensuring your child has a properly written profile highlighting their achievements is critical.  And moving forward, your child must have a very clear understanding of how to appropriately share information, ask for recommendations, connect with the right people, and continually add coursework, honors, skills, achievements and presentations to enhance their account.

Contact me today so we can schedule a time to establish a LinkedIn account for your student.

Encouraging colleges and universities to connect with prospective students on LinkedIn is a new venture.  Starting now and establishing one of the first high school student profiles will ensure your child stands out as committed to using cutting edge resources to achieve their goals.

This LinkedIn opportunity is not just for students as they start their senior year.  Any high school student will greatly benefit from opening a LinkedIn account, building depth and breadth as they walk through their high school years, connecting with the right people and acting appropriately on a very professional network.

As a parent I want my children to find the best possible fit for college and launch them into their professional career of their choice.  I would welcome the opportunity to help you and your child start the process and teach them how to appropriate navigate this professional platform.  Your investment in their optimized LinkedIn profile can set them up with the tools to succeed in the college admission process, finding the right internships, and then into the search as they start their professional career.