Just Brand Yourself!

Just Brand Yourself!

This is my signature program where I work one-on-one with clients over an eight week period.  During our time together we develop everything you need to build out your internet presence including website, blog, and social media accounts.

I know you have been searching for information on branding yourself as an expert and your business as the go-to place for your goods and/or service.  You may be overwhelmed by the sales pitches and flood of information from companies and agencies attempting to sell you on a “package.”  They want to manage your accounts for you…really, you should be the conductor of your own online presence.  And with my help you will set-up your presence, understand how to manage the pieces and most importantly how to build it for your professional success.

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Why is it important to brand yourself?

  1. You meet someone at a networking event and they Google your name – can they find you?
  2. To ensure your internet presence reflects your personality, expertise and professionalism.
  3. So you have a coordinated internet presence.

This program is based on my do-it-yourself theory.  I have learned the ins and outs of website and blog development, editorial calendars and how to create phenomenal content.  I will also walk you through each step of setting up your social media profiles, connecting your accounts with the right individuals and lastly, being social.  We will build a presence that represents you, your professionalism, and attracts your ideal customers and clients.  Ready to get started?

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