Telesummit to Build Your Online Digital Presence

Introduction Video

Meet Dr. Jennifer Gardella who will be dedicating time to make sure you build a solid digital foundation for your business. 

In this first video you can meet Jen, learn how she came up with the idea and get some initial valuable tips on goal setting. 

 Day 2:  Create a Video

We start with a video because you can simply turn on your camera, record, and upload. 
Lou Bortone: 30 Day Video Challenge starting April 1st. 
Canva: easily helps with YouTube thumbnails, channel art, and all images.  The basic program is sufficient when you start.  Upgrade to pro as you need pictures and such. 
Pixabay:  The best free image site I have found

 Day 3:  Build LinkedIn Connections

This is an easy one!  Learn how to build connections on LinkedIn – expand your business!
Jo Leonard:  If your child needs assistance with launching, LinkedIn, or college prep. 
Mary Fran Bontempo:  Because I overwhelm her with great ideas so often she deserves a mention. 

 Day 4:  WRITE A BLOG!!

It is so easy you will be amazed.  

Jen offers tips, ideas and most importantly a DOWNLOAD! 



 Day 5:  Learn All About SEO

So it isn’t the sexiest thing we can work on but SEO is critical to your digital marketing strategy.  Having a clear understanding of how you can easily improve the SEO needle of your online presence will give you not only hope but also a list of actionable steps. 




 Day 6:  Link Building

How do you improve the link building of your website?  What are internal links, external links, back links? Jen gives you details and… as usual… a challenge to just get started! 








 Day 7:  Social Media Explained

Learn simple steps to take to get your accounts set-up, optimized and moving towards driving traffic to your website.